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Do You Think All E-Liquids Contain the Same Level of Nicotine?

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Many of you are planning to switch from old smoking habits to vaping and also ensure that you can select the right nicotine level in your vape so that the transition can be smooth. Otherwise, there can be a little risk of your returning back to cigarettes again.

Therefore, when you are buying an e-liquid from any e-liquid manufacturer, look for nicotine strength, which is very crucial. Nicotine is just one of the other 4 ingredients in your vape juice, so choosing the right strength of your e-liquid can help you select the right vape kit and PG/VG blend too.

Nowadays, vaping is becoming quite popular among ex-smokers; however, many of them may not know that plenty of e-liquids may contain no nicotine at all. When you are making a switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you must not reduce your nicotine strength drastically.

So, if you are choosing any wholesale e-liquid, then start with such a variety that contains enough level of nicotine, and then slowly reduce it once your switch over to vaping is completed.

As a basic thumb rule, we recommend that you may start with the following e-liquids strength depending upon your current rate of cigarette consumption:

  • 1.8% or 18mg/10ml – For those who regularly smoke 20+ cigarettes in a day, or are also used to smoke very high-nicotine cigarettes or any other tobacco products like cigars, moist tobacco, rolling tobacco, or even pipe tobacco, then higher concentrations of almost 1.8% can be more effective in curbing their cravings.
  • 1.2% or 12mg/10ml – Those smokers who have been smoking medium-strength nicotine cigarettes and smoke anything between ten to twenty cigarettes per day, then this strength will be an excellent choice to start with.
  • 0.6% or 6mg/10ml – For those who are regularly smoking less than ten cigarettes a day, this will be a good amount to start. Also, this concentration is ideal for “mild” or any low-nicotine tobacco smokers.

What do the e-liquid bottle numbers mean?

This number actually relates to the number of milligrams of nicotine is present within per ml of e-liquid. The lower will be the number, the equally less nicotine there will be. Often it is also written in the format of a percentage too – as an example, a 3mg/ml is equal to 0.3% nicotine.

How much e-liquid will be equivalent to smoking one cigarette?

Basically, it will depend on the cigarette strength that you used to smoke, and the number, your smoking style, also your body mass, and the capacity of your lung.

All these must be weighed against the nicotine concentration that you have in the e-liquid and what is your vaping style. Vaping doesn’t usually deliver any nicotine into your system as quickly as with smoking it can. It is almost like coffee and alcohol. Some amount may be quite normal for a certain person, but the same may be too much or even too little for any other person.

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