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Causes for Leaking Taps and the Potential Consequences That They Can Create

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If all of a sudden, your kitchen and bathrooms have started to clog and the utility bills have taken a leap, you must get your taps checked because chances are that your leaking taps are the reason for these problems. Leaking taps create a mess in the house, they are a severe issue that must be dealt with immediate concern.

If you let this issue let be, it will only compound over time. The only solution to the issue of leaking taps is to approach the experts. If you stay in Sydney, then the best option available to you is Wilco Plumbing Sydney.Their team of experts is known to solve all the tap related issues with much ease and care.

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Causes and consequences of leaking taps

The only logical and practical thing that you can do to get rid of a leaking tap is to get hold of a professional. Here are a few causes behind leaking taps-


1– Broken pipes– There can be many problems like a broken or a corroded pipe can cause. You will experience a drop in the water pressure if pipes have broken. If the pipes are damaged, the chances of a leaky faucet also increase. Some of the warning signs of broken pipes are strange coloured water, strange smell, etc.

2- Damaged valve seat– The valve is a very crucial component of the water system of your house. Dripping can increase because of failure to form an effective seal.

3- Tap type– There are many different types of taps available in the market and the quality of the tap that you choose determines whether the tap will leak.


The consequences of leaking taps can range from disturbing to hazardous. Let’s discuss them in detail:

1- Annoying sound of water dripping– If you have a leaking tap, you must acclimatise yourself to the annoying dripping sound all day. At nights, when you are in a deep slumber, this noise can be the source of irritation to you.

2- Growth of mould– Continuously dripping water creates a very suitable and moist bed for the growth of mould. The growth of mould on walls, ceilings and on flood can be very deleterious for the property.

3- Skyfall in water bills– You can expect high water bills if your taps are leaking. Even though the amount of water leaking from a leaky tap is very little, but when aggregated over time, it amounts to a large amount of water wastage for which the owner has to pay.



You would eventually end paying a lot more in the form of water bills if you do not call a professional to get rid of the issue with immediate care.