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When Should You Replace The Water Taps At Your Home?

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Taps are the frontline workers of our home’s water system. These workers must be in the best condition at all times lest you want trouble. If the taps are not working properly, your house will suffer from the issue of leaking taps. No matter how trivial it sounds, it is a real problem and it requires immediate attention.

Leaking taps can increase the bills of your water substantially. Not only that, but they also damage the walls and the floor of your home by providing the breeding ground for moulds. A leaking tap also leads to a clogged bathroom and kitchen. It is also morally incorrect to let the taps leak the precious water thus, these taps must be rectified at the earliest.

The best thing that you can do is to call a professional to get the issue rectified. Wilco Plumbing Sydney is the best team of experts which you can trust in Sydney. They have a highly trained team of experts who is adept in fixing not only the leaking water taps but also fix all other water plumbing issues with much ease.

When should you change the water taps?

Here are a few signs which mean that you must change the water taps:

1- Constant dripping- You might have come across a situation when no matter how hard you twist the tap, it keeps on dripping a tiny amount of water. Excessive force is just a temporary solution and will lead you nowhere. The application of force has a deleterious effect on the washer of the tap which is the seal of the tap.

2- Low pressure of water– Have you noticed a drop in the water pressure in the shower or taps of your home. The inconsistent flow of water may lead to the accumulation of minerals on the tap which rusts the tap from the inside. This deposit decreases the water pressure in your tap.

3- Cracked water taps- Faded, discoloured or disfigured and corroded water taps are a reflection of the immediate need of changing the water taps. Normally, taps have a life of up to 10 years and if your water taps have passed that period, you clearly must change the taps lest you are ready to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

4- Noises– If you hear some unusual sounds from the bathroom then either your house is haunted or the taps are leaking. While the former cannot be rectified easily, you can get rid of the noises by changing the taps if that is the case. If the noises continue to come, you must welcome the unwanted guest at your home.

5- Stiff faucet handles – New and functional taps never show the issues of tight faucet handles. A tight faucet is a reflection of the need of changing the taps. Mostly, this tightness is accompanied by noise.


Properly working water taps are essential for a home. To avoid any type of unwanted noise and hiked up water bill, water taps must be checked and, if required, replaces with time.