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Common Grease Types And Characteristics

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Bisley International is the best industrial grease suppliers. The Bisley International grease collection includes highly versatile, general use, multifunctional, and high-performance greases. All of these greases outperform standard greases. Bisley International’s industrial greasing is formulated with a variety o thicknesser, including lithium complex and calcium sulfonate.

These greases can carry exceptional loads and have low evaporation rates, mechanical stability, and low oil separation. These features make Bisley International greases very useful in many industrial and fleet applications.

Bisley International’s greases are designed for various industries and applications. They protect components and parts like bearings, bucket pins (or bushings), cables, wires, cams, and chains, as well as chassis and open gears. Bisley International greases offer many benefits such as lower wear, reduced operating temps, longer equipment life, and enhanced performance.

Aluminum Complex Grease

It exhibits excellent high-temperature characteristics with a dropping point of approximately 500°F. It is also very water-tolerant and has excellent shear stability. It responds well to additives that enhance performance such as oxidation/rust inhibition. It is often used in lubricating food machinery.

Bentone (Clay), Grease

A polar activator is applied to Bentonite clay to give it an electrical charge. This aligns the clay particles to hold the grease in suspension in a non-soapy, grease structure. Greases that have an electrical charge are not compatible. This can lead to the grease becoming too soft and may even be destroyed. This product is often called No-Melt. It has excellent water resistance, low-temperature pumps ability, and extremely hot temperature applications where no-melting grease must be used. The clay structure can assist in setting up an oil seal where it is impossible to maintain bearing seals, such as wheel bearings on high heat kiln vehicles.

Calcium Grease

One of the original types of grease. They are very affordable and still used today. They are made from hydrated lime and other fatty materials. Use calcium grease in a lower temperature area, as they have a limit of 150°F. Higher temperatures could alter the grease structure. High water tolerance.

Lithium (12­Hydroxy Stearate] Grease

Multi-purpose grease with a buttery texture. Dropping point above 350°F. It can be used at temperatures up to 300°F. Lithium grease resists water and breaks down easily. This grease type has a very high permeability. Multi-Purpose Greases are also known as Multi-Purpose Grease. This is because they combine the most desirable characteristics that can be found in all types of greases. This type is responsible for nearly 60% of all grease markets.

Lithium Complex Grease

This is a newer type of grease that exhibits many of the same characteristics as the standard lithium greases. But it has a better performance area in terms of high temperature, high speeds bearing life. The temperature at which the grease drops to its lowest point is approximately 500 F.

Polyurea Grease

A relatively recent invention that does not require a soap thickener. This type of grease has a high boiling point, around 470degF. It also has excellent water resistance and permeability. It has exceptional high-temperature bearing properties. Used in electric motors, alternators, food machinery, and other applications. Some Polyurea lubricants are extremely shear-sensitive, meaning that they will harden in the bearings and soften in dispensing. These conditions might warrant the use of lighter greases.

Grease Compatibility Sometimes, two greases are combined and the resultant mixture can have properties or performance characteristics that are far superior to either one. It is important that you avoid switching between greases with compatibility issues. It is essential to remove all grease from the system before switching between different grease types. If you are unable to remove any previous grease, grease more often until all remnants of the grease have been flushed from the bearings.