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Vaping for beginners

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If you are new to e-liquids and vaping kits, you will discover that there are lots of products to choose from. This way, it becomes difficult to choose one that is suitable for your needs. This guide to vaping for beginners will help you make the right choice.


Vaping products are e-cigarettes that are used to provide cannabis (CBD, THC), nicotine, chemicals, flavourings, and various other substances. They are called various names. In vape shops, it is common to spot various sizes, device types, and shapes of vape products. These devices can be called the following names like E-cigs, Mods, Pod-Mods, Vapes, Tanks, dab rings, dab pens, and ENDS (Electronic nicotine delivery systems).

What are vape pens?

Vape pens are products that redefine smoking. They began as e-cigarettes as they were produced to look so much like cigarettes. Vape pens provide users with nicotine but with little vapour and no smell. Through the advancement of technology, vape pens are now a popular alternative for cigarette smokers. People like vape pens because they provide nicotine, have delicious flavours, and are very portable. Vape pens are made in small sizes for portability and use when on the move.

Vape pens can be bought from vape shops. These special cigarettes come with small pre-filled tanks that contain eliquid. The e-liquid is a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and some flavouring.

Vape mods

Apart from vape pens, vape mods are some of the common vape products that can be found in cape shops. So, what are vape mods? Vape mods when compared to vape pens are much bigger, they are more powerful, and produce more vapour. Vape mods are usually produced with external batteries. Vape mods are also called box mode and they are a more sophisticated type of vape device. Vape mods are made to make use of various vape tanks, which you can buy separately. They usually become with parts that make it easy for you to personalise your vape product.

The evolution of e-cigarettes

Before we arrived at refillable vape pens we had disposable e-cigarettes. This is the first generation of electric cigarettes. The second generation were those that came with refillable or prefilled cartridges. This evolved to the third generation with refillable mods or tanks. Finally, the fourth generation e-cigarettes are the refillable or prefilled pod mods that we now have in vape shops across the world.

The anatomy of the electronic cigarette

A typical e-cigarette comes with a unique anatomy that makes it work a certain way. These come with various parts and features. They are:

The cartridge: This is used to store the e-liquid. The cartridge is either refillable or prefilled. It is usually made with an atomiser as a single component.

The atomiser: This is a heating coil that converts the e-liquid to small airborne droplets. This then makes it possible to be inhaled.

The sensors: This helps turn on the e-cigarette before use. E-cigarettes that do not have any power button will usually need sensors to come on.

The battery: This is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that generates enough current to heat the atomiser. The current usually supplies heat to the atomiser to take its general temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is accomplished in seconds.