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Cloud Data Warehouse Governance and Security Is Crucial

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Today, massive data is generated and this empowers organizations to take advantage of next-gen business intelligence for predicting future growth and plan solid strategies, accordingly. A data warehouse is the hub data repository and backbone of your customized analytic system that allows you to make informed decisions on time for driving growth.

A scalable and agile data warehouse can be designed in minutes. Accessibility to real-time data offers important insights for the development of new products, enhancing customer loyalty, optimizing pricing, or detecting frauds. Data warehouse migration to the cloud helps to increase and simplify its development. Data management & integration are crucial for cloud data warehousing. Nevertheless, data governance & security are other two components that need attention and cautiousness.

A Data warehouse is a treasure chest loaded with business information ranging from finances and trade secrets to other assets including employees and customers. Cloud data warehouse is susceptible to cyberattacks from malevolent insiders and outsiders. The cloud service providers offer security, but it is even the responsibility of businesses to have data governance & security to protect their sensitive data residing in the cloud.

Data ManagementU is a platform for data governance training course essential to fight the different types of attacks cloud data warehouse is susceptible to.

  • Distributed Denial of Service [DDoS] where overwhelmed servers are unable to serve the real user’s request.
  • Data loss because of accidental deletion, malicious intent, or infrastructure destruction.
  • Data breaches because of unauthorized access.
  • People can access your services via insecure spots.

Poor data security increases the likelihood of damaging the reputation of your brand, customers lose trust, employees’ safety is compromised, and there is a significant drop in revenue. According to surveys, malicious attack breaches cost $166 per capita. This statistics reveals how crucial data governance & security is. Data is protected as well as data integrity, usability, and availability are maintained.

Data governance for the cloud data warehouse is necessary because of regulatory compliance. Besides, protecting stakeholders’ stakes, data governance helps to standardize procedures enhance efficiency at low cost as well as improve workflow quality and decision making.

Data warehouse governance happens when the necessary processes, procedures, and policies are defined. These must be communicated clearly across the company right from front-end operational personnel to IT employees and C-level executives.

Data warehouse governance committee 

If a data warehouse governance committee does not exist then you need to set it up. The overall responsibilities of the data warehouse governance committee are to cover these activities –

  • Entire data lifecycle stored in the warehouse.
  • Define data process and make it accessible to end-users.
  • Determine the quality criteria of data made available to end-users.
  • Determine source data quality criteria for a data warehouse.
  • Which data is to be used from the warehouse for attaining specific business goals?
  • The committee needs to communicate process changes as early as possible with the right personnel to ease integration and save time.
  • Manage the lifecycle of data warehouse components.

Data governance will also not just plan data access policy based on legal rules and regulations, but even design data backup strategies based on impact analysis.