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How to make sugar free gummy bears?

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You can find all the information you need here to make sugar-free gummy bears.

You will learn how mix ingredients, choose the right materials, create gummy bears and store and select the appropriate manufacturing equipment.

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Sugar free gummy bears what?

Sugar free gummy bears are confectionaries which do not contain sugar as a sweetener.

In order to make sugar free gummy bears you’ll have to mix certain ingredients in specific amounts.

Here are the key ingredients needed to make sugar free gummy bears.

* Gelatin

It is the key ingredient to making sugar free gummy bears.

It is a type o hydrolyzed collagen that you can extract from bovine bones.

* Sweeteners

As long as the sweeteners are not sugary, you can pick from a variety of sweeteners.

In this situation, you must eliminate sugar completely and use other sweeteners like maltitol.

* Water

Water is a universal liquid that can be used for the production of sugar free gummy bears.

It is the ingredients that are mixed with gelatin, forming a thick liquid or gel. It makes the product chewy and gummy.

* Flavors

Gelatin, in its original form, is odorless.

You can make sugar free gummy bears with different flavors, like fruit flavors.

* Food grade dyes and colors

To give the sugar-free gummy bears their unique color, you can add different colors and dyes.

In this instance, you will use only federally approved dyes that have been tested for safety and are not likely to cause skin irritations.

* Corn syrup

Corn syrup is also an important ingredient when making sugar-free gum bears because it retains water.

Corn syrup, in addition to softening the candy, also increases the volume.

* Citric acid

Citric acid can be used as an artificial flavor in gummy candy, while also preserving and increasing shelf life.

It has very low ph. making it very difficult to cultivate and thrive in bacteria.

Mixing the sugar free gummy bear ingredients.

Once you have all the ingredients together, you can start manufacturing the product by mixing them all.

In order to make perfect gummy bears, you’ll need to strictly follow the quantity requirements for each ingredient.

When you finish the compounding, you will get samples of your homogenous mixture to conduct quality tests.

You will send the sample for quality testing to the laboratory, in accordance the production specifications.

Molding sugar free gummy bear ingredients.

After confirming that the sugar-free, gummy bear ingredients are of good quality, the manufacturing process moves on to mold.

Molding is the art of creating different shapes from the ingredients, such a bear-shaped shape.

The ingredient mixture will flow to the machine hopper where it will be molded.

Another option is to use a supplementary tool such as the mogul for the molding process.

To accomplish the following:

• You must prevent the molten mix from sticking to your machine’s walls

• During cooling, drying, or setting the mixture, ensure that it is in a correct place

• Make sure to absorb enough moisture so that the gummy bears have the right texture.

Molding machines are equipped with different trays to mold sugar-free, gummy ingredients.