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What is cbd oil exactly? How does it work? 5 benefits of cbd oil

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You may have read about cbd, also known by its other name, cannabidiol. This product is touted as a powerful way to treat anxiety, pain, inflammations, insomnia, and many other ailments. Today, we’re talking about cbd. What exactly is cbd?  Can cbd make me feel intoxicated or high?

How cbd oil can be made?

Cbd gélules is created by extracting the cannabidiol found in the cannabis (or hemp) plant. This can happen in several ways. You can use carbon dioxide chambers or soak the hemp plant in grain alcohol and olive oil to extract the cannabidiol.

Single compound or multiple compound? Whole plant cbd oil

These methods are efficient in creating cbd oil. These extraction methods are also known as single compounds extractions. The cannabidiol is then isolated to create pure cbd oils. However, there are some people who prefer whole plant extraction. This method uses, you guessed, the entire plant. The dissimilar parts of the plants used is what makes a distinct compound or whole plant abstract mixes so important.

Single compound: Only cbd (the cannabinoid) is extracted from the hemp plant.

Full spectrum extract: all the cannabinoids in hemp flower, including cbd and cbg, are extracted. This leads to an “entourage effects” where healing improves as a result of all cannabinoids interacting. THC is a known cannabinoid. It is not present in large amounts in hemp flowers. Approximately cbd products have a least quantity of THC separate before being packed.

What’s the best thing about cbd oil?

We’ve covered how cbd interacts and the various receptors. Let’s now look at cbd’s ability for treating and preventing certain ailments.

1. Cbd oil for diabetes

Cannabidiol prevents insulin resistance as well as insulin sensitivity. This means that cbd oil is effective in preventing diabetes. Regular cbd oil intake may be beneficial to both type 1 and 2, diabetics. This will allow you to lower your insulin requirements and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

2. Cbd oil for anxiety/depression

Like antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicines, cbd works by targeting serotonin in the brain. Cbd is safe and effective at targeting serotonin without the side effects of prescription drugs used to treat anxiety or depression. Cannabidiol can interact with various receptors on the brain.

3. Cbd oil for pain relief

Cbd is an all-natural, effective treatment for chronic or acute pain. It can also be used to treat joint pain, arthritis pain, pain from chemotherapy, and more. Cbd doesn’t have the negative side effects that can come with prescription pain medication. This means it can be used long-term to alleviate pain. Cbd oil is safe to take with food.

4. Cbd oil for chronic stress management and inflammation

Cannabidiol’s ability to relax has been shown by studies to alleviate chronic stress-related inflammation. Cbd’s ability regulate blood sugar can also be beneficial for diabetics. It can fight inflammation, which can lead both to high blood sugar levels and excess or low insulin production.

5. Cbd oil for high cholesterol or high blood pressure

Cbd has been shown that cbd can lower cholesterol by its ability reduce lipid intake and blood pressure. This is how it works. Cannabidiol works by binding to the receptors controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and it can also be effective in treating high blood pressure that is related to stress and overwhelm.