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September Birthstone

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Birthstones have been a popular choice for gifting for many years and the birthstone can be traced right back to biblical times. Birthstones are usually a wonderful way to add colour to your style with them adorning, necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Each month has its individual stone that it is associated with, some months can have up to three stones but traditionally there is one main stone associated with a month.

Although predominantly blue in colour, the Sapphire can also be found in pink, green, yellow, orange, purple as well as black and colourless gemstones. Although, the only colour that Sapphires do not come in is red and that is because gemstones that are formed from red corundum are classed as rubies. So the Sapphire and Ruby are made of the same minerals but are different varieties of gemstones.

Sapphire’s have many different associations, with the main association being with royalty. The Sapphire is known as protection against negative energies, as well as calming the mind, strengthening intuition and inviting spiritual clarity into your life. The Sapphire is also connected to romance and is quite commonly used in engagement rings as an alternative to the diamond.

One of the most famous Sapphires was originally worn by Princess Diana. This stunning Sapphire ring was later given to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge as an engagement ring from Prince William. This is a ring that Kate Middleton has worn every day since.

The Sapphire is connected to many chakras, including the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. The throat chakra is used to enhance self-expression and the third eye chakra is supposed to help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

Sapphires are one of the four precious gemstones, meaning that the month September is lucky enough to have a precious rather than semiprecious stone as its birthstone. However this term is no longer commonly used, there are still many differences between the two types of gemstones.

Sapphire’s can be found across the world but tend to be sourced from India, Kenya, Colombia and Cambodia. You can also find Sapphires in other area but they can differ massively in terms of their chemical structure and their physical appearance.

The cut of the Sapphire is just as important as the colour. The way that the Sapphire is cut can directly impact the colour of the gemstone. The cut can affect the way the gem reflects the light, when the centre of the stone has been cut incorrectly it can be classed as “dead” as it will not reflect the light.

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