Write for us

We need a writer/researcher. Even if you’re just starting and seeking to grow your audience and portfolio, we’re interested.

We wish to create long-term connections with passionate authors.

Not For You If:

  • No writing experience
  • You’ve never blogged on project management, corporate culture, or software.
  • You can’t provide article ideas.
  • You expect content specialists to collaborate.

We Want What?

We want to work with authors that appreciate studying and discussing things.

  • These authors will help us develop article series. A series has 500-1000word pieces.
  • “Managing a remote team” may contain these articles.
  • Remote work
  • Remote team connectivity
  • Remote team accountability
  • Remote Async Communication
  • Telecommuting’s future

You should propose a series if you have experience in a topic. We’ll help you discover a topic if you don’t have one.

Our blog will publish articles first. Ebooks, print books, and third-party platforms may publish them.


Our audience includes project managers, scrum masters, and team leaders.

Beginner to intermediate level. One of our missions is to help individuals succeed. So even with sophisticated issues, we teach the basics.


Most articles follow a straightforward approach.

  1. You tell us what to write about, or we propose topics from our list.
  2. We decide on the article topic jointly.
  3. You draft
  4. We offer high-level improvements (usually within a week or so)
  5. You rewrite
  6. We provide you revisions (usually within a week or two)
  7. Once you approve the finished content, we offer a preview for layout and flow concerns.

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